Why I have serious issues with the Psychic Community



Don’t get me wrong, I still love it because of all the growth, information and amazing people I have met. I couldn’t imagine life without spiritual practise, and being psychically aware. I am a student psychic after all!


But there is one thing that bugs me


In my (limited, granted) experience of other psychic development groups, they seem to focus on clairvoyance and activating your third eye. You are receiving information through your mind, by remaining in a state of neutrality.


I do believe this is a very important gift, and I do believe there is a need for it, but I personally believe it is a limited psychic ability.


By just using your third eye and putting your attention just on your mind, I believe it makes you too mind based.


Too mind based


Being mind based means that you have little contact or awareness of your body, and your emotions. You try and override yourself by thinking, and bypass uncomfortable feelings by ‘positive thinking’. In my own personal experience of living with M.E./C.F.S., a therapy that has been making waves in the M.E./C.F.S. community is Mickel/Reverse Therapy. It is a therapy that stipulates that the body is always talking to us, and that physical symptoms are an emotional message that is not being listened to and expressed. Hence, when ignored, the symptoms become worse, and when listened to and acted on, the symptom disappears and the body heals.


Alex Howard, a pioneer in the world of C.F.S, in his own clinic ‘The Optimum Health Clinic’, said on one of his podcasts on M.E. and anxiety, that in our society we live ‘from the neck up’, meaning we are too into our heads and not in our bodies. All our energy and focus is literally in our heads, so that we are not fully experiencing our emotions, which leads to all sorts of physical and emotional problems. I could expand on this more, but perhaps that should be for another post.


Suffice it to say that all the healing and recovery I have made has been from actively connecting with my body, and away from my over chattering mind. By really tuning in to what my body was saying, and being in touch with it’s feedback, I was able to make better decisions for my health and sanity.



So when I started my psychic development course and started with the traditional methods of using my third eye, I immediately became anxious and all the energy shot up to my head. I was literally gritting my teeth trying to squeeze out information, and in the end it was too much and made my symptoms worse. This happened also when I attended other psychic development groups and meditation groups, because all the energy was focussed on the mind and of flying out of the crown chakra. I would end up leaving these groups feeling dizzy, faint and completely ungrounded.


It was so frustrating because I wanted to be ‘psychic’, and I thought that yet again, there was something wrong with me and my illness was getting in my way.


My teacher saw this and when she saw how I lit up by explaining the healing and joy I have experienced from reconnecting with my body and my sexuality, and how I was passionate about sacred sexuality, she burst out, ‘Aha! The key to your abilities is in your vagina!’.


Just stick with me here, I know this might seem a bit extreme.


I found that by activating my sexual and sacral centres, and then by listening to whatever information I received though my body and felt sense, I had found my missing key! By doing tantric exercises, and actively working on healing my sacral area- yoni, womb, pelvic area, base chakra, I felt clearer and much more connected to myself and the world around me. I could much easier decipher information, and verify whether it was accurate based on the signals my body was giving me, and noticing when something was coming from my chattering mind or not.


In Red Hot and Holy (my favourite book, by the way), Sera Beak says how in spiritual community and in things like meditation, yoga and psychic development- even though a predominately female practise- the focus is on white light, transcendence, peace, purity and detachment.


How boring


The idea is to ascend through the chakras, thus meaning that the lower chakras are simply mundane and must be avoided.


She says that this is actually a rather masculine approach to spirituality, and is only one half of the equation.


While this is vitally important, the feminine qualities of feeling, passion, desire and hot primal earthy power are decidedly under appreciated, or even rejected. Infact, in most spiritual practices and books, emotions are seen to be fickle and not to be trusted, and the body is seen to be something to master and transcend. And desire and sexuality? They must be transcended! They are too earthy!


Does this seem unbalanced to anyone?


We need our bodies


We are in a human body for a reason, our emotions are powerful allies, and the lower chakras are just as important and vital to our development as the upper chakras.


In her book, ‘Urban Tantra’, Barbara Carrellas, she says that often in many Tantric teachings, the aim is to use the orgasm to push the energy up and out of the crown. But she instead encourages to use the orgasm to go further into the body, an implosion rather than explosion. While her work is controversial because she uses sex as the focus in Tantra, (which has many Tantra purists shrieking in indignation) I personally believe that she is a pioneer in showing that the taboo can be just as sacred as being a celibate monk, the body is just as sacred as the spirit and desire is just as sacred as abstinence.


Fully embody


To be fully in our bodies, in our emotions, in our lower chakras.


This is especially for women, because we are more heart centered and attuned to our bodies. And because our wombs are huge spiritual powerhouses. I really recommend the book, ‘Womb Wisdom’, by Anaiya Sophia, who explains the vital importance of the womb for women’s spiritual development, and physical wellbeing.



In my experience, often when you start embracing alternative spirituality, you absorb all these new ideas and theories on metaphysics, consciousness, and the power of our thoughts. You are full of all these brilliant new ideas and thoughts and so you fly up and out of your head into the heavens and run away with your mind, without being grounded or integrated. In short, it is too ‘mind’ based. 


But when you work with your body as an ally, and when you embrace your emotions: you are more whole and integrated. You are more grounded, more present and less likely to run away with unhealthy beliefs. One example I can think of is a friend telling me how he came across a YouTube video of a spiritual teacher who at first spoke quite reasonably, and then finished off by predicting that by 2015 we will have all turned into goats.


Yes that’s right, Goats.


I wonder, if he had verified this information he received with his body, would his answer have been different?


With this same friend, we discussed how often people who are into spirituality are often very spiritually advanced, but somehow still have a lot of emotional and psychological issues. For me, this is easy to understand, if you give little importance to your emotions and your felt experience, how can you fully heal?


Thankfully, I am seeing a resurgence of the importance of the body within spiritual teachings. This is mainly due to the increasing popularity of Tantra, which is a very body based practise, along with the Goddess movement and the teachings of Mary Magdalene. Mercedes Kirkel explains in her two books channelled by Mary Magdalene, affirms how powerful an ally our emotions are. That we need to fully embrace them and work with them to be able to ascend.


Focus on the body


We need to be going further inwards to find our truths, rather than outwards. I desire to see a new wave (or rather a resurgance of a very old wave) of intuitive healers and psychics who use their body in their work just as much as their third eye.


A true return of the feminine path to God.



This is why in my readings and healings, I firmly ground in my sacral, my yoni and my body.
And take a look at these juicy cards!


Juicy Tarot Cards


I really rate these ladies and their work, for more teachings on the importance of the body, emotions and sexuality in spiritual practise:




Do you think that some spirituality is too mind based?

What do you think of the importance of the body for spiritual and psychic development?

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