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 I am Lucy, a woman of many layers


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 I am a psychic student, linguist, perfumer, tantrika and healer.


I am divided many ways in my life, one direction my continual training and development as a psychic and healer, as well as my own personal development.


Another is studying languages, I speak Spanish and French with bits of Italian, and my dream is to be fluent in all 3 as well as living there.


I am falling deeper in love with Tantra and Sacred Sexuality


And simply for diversity I adore scent and creating perfume.
Click here to see my other baby, Lucy Rowett Fragrance


All the while balancing this to maintain a recovery from M.E./C.F.S. and anxiety disorder.


Brighter, Fuller, Juicier
Juice and Jasmine About Met
But it has taken me a long time to get to where I am now, so I want to share my unorthodox secrets to living life fully, healthily,spiritually and oh so juicily.


Having built up my life from 2 breakdowns, being bedridden for 4 years and living in psychiatric care homes, I know what it is to be at rock bottom.
5 years ago, I was bedridden with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and a nervous wreck. I felt completely hopeless, and defeated by my personal demons that had led me to this dark, dark place.


A little more about where I came from


I was raised a Christian, going to church every week along with Sunday school, youth groups and Christian holidays. I was a passionate Christian from the age of 12 until 20, and totally immersed myself in the Evangelical movement.


I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/M.E. at 14, and during that time was hospitalized for 9 and a half months, a nursing home, foster care, 2 nervous breakdowns, and 2 psychiatric care homes.


I wouldn’t say there was one turning point for my recovery since then, but many.


Some of them huge, ‘Aha!’ moments, and many more little drops


But I can say the biggest revelation for my personal recovery, and healing was realising that I had to listen to the signals and symptoms my body gave me, and get in tune with it, rather than try and override it with ‘positive thinking’.
A huge crux for me was after a long internal search, reading countless self development books and finally leaving Christianity.


Having been a passionate Christian and absorbing all of it’s teachings, I internalised the shame and guilt associated with sex


I internalised the shoulds, the teachings of purity, of  morality, the idea that I was a sinner and that only Jesus could save me, that my only growth and inspiration should come from the Bible.



By fully embracing all of who I am, especially the dark places I had hidden, radically accepting myself in the place I was in, and learning to find my inner juice, I have been building my life, my health, and my sanity up since then.


Learning to develop as a psychic and healer has rapidly accelerated my progress on all levels,
and finally embracing my red goddess sexuality has been one of the final pieces.


I have come to the point in my psychic development that I cannot tune in without TURNING ON. I cannot open my third eye and crown without activating my root, sacral and shakti.
Yoni Bliss


I take responsibility for my own growth, relationships and for all the weird and wonderful aspects of myself


What do I write about?


As a psychic and healer in training, I write sharing my growth and development.


As a woman recovering from two serious illnesses- physical and mental- I write to inspire women and sufferers of any illness that recovery IS POSSIBLE


As a Tantrika in development, I write to share my experiences with sex, and sexuality as a tool for spiritual growth.
Woman Power


Who says that a woman must be one dimensional?
Who says that women can’t be multi- coloured and express all of her different parts?

Juicy bits



My psychic super power is clairsentience and empathy, I feel things very deeply and this is my interface for receiving messages from spirit. Probably because I am a Cancerian.


In the town I live in now, I have more foreign than British friends. And I aim to keep it that way. I fully identify myself as a ‘global citizen’, and having friends from all cultures keeps my mind open


I am slightly obsessed with guinea pigs. Like, seriously. Men look at pictures of boobs online, I look at pictures of pigs


I can never read one book at once, I usually have about 3 on the go


I have a secret dream to be a rhythmic gymnast


I can’t sit on chairs straight, I have to cross my legs or tuck my legs up. I choose comfort over social decorum


I can’t wear high heels. The reason for this is pure physics, I have enough trips and accidents just in flat feet, in heels I would be a walking death trap. See this video here for proof (I hope your ears don’t turn blue from all the profanities)


I smell everything I come into contact with. I gauge the energy of people and environments by smell. Hence my ventures into the world of natural perfumery



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